About Us

About Enginemates

We at Enginemates Heat Transfer , have been providing comprehensive and customized heat transfer solution for design and manufacture of Air Cooled Coolers specific to customer requirements and satisfaction for over 3 decades.

We manufacture a large variety of air cooled coolers to cool different mediums like Oil, Water, Air, Gas and Hydrocarbons. The heat exchanger manufactured by us are of different sizes and using variety of materials like copper, steel, brass and aluminum. All these air cooled coolers are custom designed as per customer specification for heat transfer and size.

We have been manufacturing air cooled coolers for over 3 decades now. We have 5 manufacturing plants in India ; 2 in Mumbai, 2 in Pondicherry and 1 in Dharward , Karnataka.

  •  Superior Design Capabilities
  •   State of the Art Manufacturing Facilities
  •   Industry Leaders
  •   Global Presence

Superior Design Capabilities

We specialise in creating superior industrial properties, focusing on effectiveness and practicality and exceeding our own high benchmarks. We customise heat exchanging radiators and the products as per our clients exact requirements.

State of the Art Manufacturing Facilities

We are market experts in executing our designs and possess the technology framework as well as highly specialised manufacturing facilities across India. Each facility is individually calibrated to provide a wide spectrum of manufacturing potential.

Industry Leaders

We are pioneers in heat exchanging technology and have been catering to our clients' needs for over 35 years.

Global Presence

Radiators Designed, Manufactured and supplied internationally. We cater to clients in 25 countries, spread over 5 continents.



We have completed all kinds of projects concerning constructions, mechanics, etc.


Customers are always satisfied with our services and serving quality.


These awards are what we earned from what we have done for our clients.


Our branches scatter around the world and are present in more than 120 countries.