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Enginemates Dombivli; Mumbai
Enginemates Ambernath; Mumbai
Enginemates Heat Transfer has its first manufacturing facility in Dombivli , Maharashtra where wire fin type air cooled heat exchangers and aerofoil fans are being manufactured. Main machines used in manufacturing are External wire winding and Internal turbulator machine.
In the year 2006, Enginemates started a state of the art manufacturing unit in Ambernath near Mumbai to manufacture Air Fin Coolers. This plant is equipped with embedded 'G' and wrap on 'L' type of finning machine. We can fin up to 40ft long tubes. We also have CNC turret press, GTAW, SMAW and GMAW welding systems. This plant is certified for 'U' and 'R' Stamp.

All Air Fin Coolers are manufactured as per API 661 standards.
Enginemates Dharwad; Karnataka
Fine Automotive & Industrial Radiators Pvt.Ltd (Fair); Pondicherry
Our plant in Dharwad is part of the growing manufacturing facilities made available to our customers for fabricated components such as Hydraulic tanks, fuel tanks and other sheet metal products replaced with.With the use of AMADA CNC Laser Machine, AMADA CNC brake, Robot Welding Machine, we can meet the incurring demand with ease.
To manufacture Radiators for engine cooling system a new plant was set up in the year 1985, in the name of Fine Automotive and Industrial Raditors Pvt Ltd at Pondicherry. Pondicherry is about 170 kms from Chennai (Two and half hour drive from Chennai Airport). The complete machinery and the know how to manufacture modern and efficient copper brass Radiators were imported from UK. Subsequently machinery made in Japan and United States were added.
The plant is in successful operation and supplies radiator as original equipment to all leading engine manufacturers. This plan has been certified to ISO/TS 169949 since 2004.
The main machines we have are radiator tube drawing machine,fin punching machine and core Assembly jigs.
United Industrial Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd (UIE); Pondicherry
To meet the growing demand of Aluminium Brazed Coolers, we have put up a modern and state of the art manufacturing facility at Pondicherry . Pondicherry is about 170 kms from Chennai (Two and half hour drive from Chennai Airport).
This plant is specific machine to make industrial size Aluminum Oil Coolers,Radiators and Charge Air Coolers.
In this plant we have a Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) furnace, fin punching and core assembly jigs. The plant has a capacity to manufacture upto 100,000 large oil coolers, radiators and charge air coolers per annum.
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